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Alex Florence

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A graceful woman dropping in backside and surfing 6-8ft Pipeline is a beautiful thing, but there’s something even more special about it when a little kid is yelling after her, Go Mom! Alec Florence is a sponsored surfer and took home the 3rd place title at the 2005 T&C Surf Women’s Pipeline Pro. John John Florence, her oldest son, is the youngest competitor ever in [...]

If you really want to know more about the surfing phenomenon known as John John Florence you have to learn more about the most significant things in his life – the big one being his mother, Alex Florence. Back in 1986 when Alex Florence from Ocean Grove, a Christian seaside community in New Jersey, was just 16 she announced to her that she was moving [...]

Say hello to Alex Florence – John John’s mom There’s a thin line between cool mom and embarrassing mom. John John Florence is 19 and his mom Alex looks to be in her late 30′s early 40′s. Given that John John is a teen, it’s understandable that she will accompany him on tour events, but knee high socks, daisy dukes, and skateboarding on a half [...]


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