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Carissa Moore

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DOB: August 27, 1992
Born: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Lives: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Height: 5’7" (170 cm)
Weight: 140 lbs (63.5 kg)
Stance: Natural
Sponsors: Red Bull, Nike 6.0 footwear, Target and DaKine
Shaper: Matt Biolis, Pang, Nezzy
Board: 5’5" Mayhem Rocket
Training Ground: Kewalos
Favorite spot: Barra, Lighthouse, Mentawais
Favorite Trick: Forehand reverse
Surf News Rating: 7/10

Born and raised on the south side of Oahu, Hawaii, Carissa Moore was surfing with her father, Chris, even before she began kindergarten. He continues to be her coach and mentor. “My Dad has been there since the beginning, and I think he really pushes me to be a better surfer,” Carissa says. “He keeps me honest and motivates me to do my best.”

Aged 8, Carissa was looked upon as a confirmable phenom, and by aged ten she was the odds-on fav in just about any nonprofessional event she enrolled on. The media continually wondered at her accomplishments: “an arsenal of aerial maneuvers unmatched by any surfer her age, ever,” and “arguably the purest talent surfing, not just women’s surfing, mind you, but surfing, has seen.” Carissa Moore possesses not only “the grace of a natural athlete,” but genuine prowess.

Hawaii’s Carissa Moore has been acclaimed as among surfing’s most breathtaking contenders since she was a grom. Before she had even began her second-year year in high school, she gained eleven National Scholastic Surfing Association Championships and became the youngest female of all time to decorate the front page of SURFER magazine, as well as the youngest of all time Vans Triple Crown of Surfing event champ. As an ASP Tour cub in 2010, she was ablaze, tackling strong vets to win multiple events. This fresh professional may arise to be among the finest ever.

Carissa’s 1st Vans win came in 2008, when the then sixteen year old overthrow 7 time world champ Layne Beachley to acquire the Reef Hawaiian Pro championship. The 1st ASP event win of her rookie career came in New Zealand in the spring of 2010. Standing atop the rostrum for the TSB Bank Women’s Surf Festival, Carissa declared that she was donating her full $15,000 in winnings to the countries Waitara Bar Boardriders Club, a unpaid constitution that offers a secure destination - and ocean education - for local children.

By August, Carissa had racked up another amazing win at the ASP 6-Star Women’s U.S. Open of Surfing, making $50,000, the wealthiest 1st place prize purse in women’s surfing history. And 2 months after she notched an ASP win at the Rip Curl Pro in Portugal. Her goal of someday gaining the overall Tour championship appears very much within reach.

Depending on which words you’re uttering, the name “Carissa” can mean “beloved,” “grace,” or “kind.” But if you are speaking the language of surfing, those 3 syllables are just as likely to stand for “legend“ or "look out" - here hails the future of female surfing.

Episode 1 of surf girl Carissa Moore’s title year retrospective Juggling school, graduation, family, friends, and having a boyfriend can be hard for most adolescents. The thing is, most adolescents are not also pro surfers. Watch how pro female surfer Carissa Moore lives out her life and works out how to counterbalance being a pro surfer and a teenager simultaneously. 2011, Carissa Moore was declared [...]

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