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Laura Enever

All the information you need on Laura Enever

AKA: Lauzy
DOB: November 14, 1991
Born: Sydney, Australia
Resides: North Narrabeen
Height: 5’6” (168 cm)
Weight: 112 lbs (51 kg)
Stance: Natural (Regular)
Sponsors: Nike, Gorilla Grip, Chili Surfboards
Shaper: James Cheal
Magic Stick: 5’6” x 17’1/2” x 2
Training Ground: North Narrabeen
Favorite Wave: North Narrabeen
Inspirations: Beyonce & Steph Gilmore
Surf News Rating: 7/10

Surf girls don't come a lot cuter or more gifted than North Narrabeens Laura Enever. Laura grew up in the protective shadow of some of surfing's greats, such as Nathan Hedge, Chris Davidson, Damien Hardman, Simon Anderson and is already carving the swathe through her rivals, beating junior boys that are loads older! And what is their reaction? “Aw, they don't say much they're pretty quiet,” she giggles.

Laura Enever personifies the innocence of her years, with the attitude of a free spirited soul. Growing up in Australia, Laura initially started off as a gymnast, taught by her mother, but once she fell in love with surfing at the age of 9, not one to be land locked, she chose to concentrate on the ocean. She is someone who has, already lived a full life of travel, exhilaration and challenge through competitive surfing and also energetically forges ahead with open arms, welcoming everything this life brings and all that is to come. Surfing is Laura's passion, but above all, it's her ticket to life.

The first time Laura went to Hawaii was in 2004 as a special guest at Lisa Andersen's elite surf training camp Champ Camp. She's now been to Hawaii every year since. Laura has so many accomplishments; 2008 alone she is the ISA Junior World Champion and the 2008 Triple Crown Rookie of the Year.

When Laura is back home in Australia, she trains with the likes of World Championship surfer Barton Lynch and his company of male World Championship tour aspirants. Understandably, her natural talent is already attracting prestigious company.

Understanding that surfing has pioneered a world of possibilities for her that only keep getting bigger, Laura has decided to constantly improve herself at competition as well as outside of the sport, by fearlessly trying new things, and acquiring as much as possible. She's humble, yet in many ways, she acknowledges her power of inspiration, and wants to use it to positively involve people, whether through her charitable work, or through her own sort of reality documentation. She talks honestly about ideas like desiring somebody to follow her and document her life, showing others how being active can be built into your lifestyle and even become your everyday life. Surely the sales of surfboards, short-shorts, and wedges would increase and she would cast a wide, positive influence over many young women as well as growing her male fan base.

“I've already learned so much, “she says, “Just being around the girls like Lisa Andersen, Sofia Mulanovich and Megan Abubo and being able to see them surf in real life is so fun! Some of the best advice I have been given is when you are riding a wave you imagine you are listening to music, surfing to the beat, feeling the rhythm. It has helped me surf smoother and get into the flow.”

Welcome to the first episode of I’M LAURA I’m Laura is a quarterly web series following the most amazing year of Lauras life. Episode one, A New Beginning, kicks off on the Gold Coast at the Roxy Pro, where Laura Enever competes hard but has way more fun hanging out at the birthday party of a young pal named Pacha.

Laura Enever Signs With Billabong

February 27th, 2013
Laura Enever is not just a pro surfer and top contender she is also a model and style icon in the making. She oins an all-star Billabong global surf team along side legends like Keala Kennelly, Taj Burrow, Shane Dorian and current world champ, Joel Parkinson. Laura Enever is one of the most popular female surfers in the world today and a perfect addition to the already popular Billabong family.

Laura Enever – The Masterkey

November 2nd, 2012

What’s a day in the life of Laura Enever look like with a Nokia Lumia? When Laura Enever isn’t lighting up social media or surfing world tour events, Loz dances to the tune of her homebreak in north Sydney, or somehow fits 3 different photo shoots into a day. Ride in her slipstream for a coupla hours and watch her dazzle for all kinds of [...]

The Devil Inside Laura Enever

September 18th, 2012

Surf girl, Laura Enever, redefines what it means to be a professional athlete Laura Enever has only just turned 20 years old. She knows all the lyrics to Juicy by Biggie and she lives in Narrabeen, Australia. When she’s not stalking the world’s pro surfing events, although she’s not WCT rated just yet , but she will be soon cuz this girl rips. Laura Enever [...]

Sexy Laura Enever bends and snaps her way through the Australian winter Laura Enever is always recognised and widely supported when she paddles out before a hometown crowd at Manly Beach, Australia. Laura lives in famous North Narrabeen, which is a short drive north from the event site and also the setting for a few of her greatest moments. Laura Enever won the Billabong World [...]


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