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Malia Manuel

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AKA: MM DOB: August 9, 1993 Born: Kauai, Hawaii USA Resides: Kauai, Hawaii USA Height: 5'5" Weight: 115 lbs Stance: Natural Sponsors: O'Neill wetsuits and clothing, Von Zipper eyewear and Mayhem surfboards Shaper: Matt Biolos Magic Stick: 5'7" squash tail Training Ground: Kauai Favorite Wave: Home Favorite Maneuver: Barrels Inspirations: The Kauai boys
Watch surf girl, Malia Manuel, rip up the North Shore. Malia was born to be a pro surfer, her parents would take her to the beach and take turns watching while the other surfed. One Malia was old enough she was out there with them. No Malia is competing on the World Tour and is currently ranked in the top ten.

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