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Who’s Got The Biggest Alley Opp?

June 19th, 2013

The Highest Alley-oop Ever Landed.. So far

So who is it, kelly or John John?

Since aerial surfing began there has evolved a number of manurers but none more popular than the alley oop. Frontside alley oop to revert is no good, people want more than just a 180 spin but the full 360. Modern Collective starring Jordy Smith showed us the first full-rotation oops and now it’s on. Just before the 2011 Rio Pro 11x champ, Kelly Slater, showed that he is still a force to reckon with and gave us the biggest oop anyone has seen but with guys like John John Florence on the scene you know things are going to get bigger, cleaner and gnarlier. It’s wasn’t long until John John gave us his response in the intro to his surf movie Done, he pops a massive alley oop, pooving he is the shit round here. Now during his heat with Sea bass in the 2013 Oakley Pro, Bali, John served us another entry.

“It was super rad,” Kelly told Stab when asked about John’s Keramas spin. “Mine was a little more wind assisted and I missed the transition and flapjacked so I wouldn’t break an ankle. John greased that thing pretty much as clean as you can.”

Tim Curran, the man who invented alley-oops in surfing, said this of John’s latest:

“You know it was awesome because he doesn’t claim ever, and he claimed it even before it was done. It was incredible.”


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