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A local Florida Keys fisherman caught a bull shark with a little surprise inside. The shark had two live fetuses, including one extremely strange one with two heads. The fisherman gave the two-headed bull shark to scientist C. Michael Wagner of Michigan State University who stated that this is one of only about a half dozen recorded case of a two-headed shark anywhere.
Killing Waves is a new surfing film from Surfers against sewage, Toms and Generation Change and was filmed by Carlos Carneiro. Carlos won the competition from SAS and Toms to produce a short film winning £5,000. The film is about Surfer against sewage, an environmental organization seeking to preserve our beaches and campaign against water pollution.

Shark Diving With Mark Healey

January 16th, 2013
While Mark Healey chooses to dive with sharks, Western Australia has put an order to kill a great white shark that has been lurking around since Christmas. Usually a protected species, the white shark has now been singled out in the new “imminent threat” guideline when action can be take if the government feel it poses a threat to humans.

Sharks are fantastic creatures, but they also pose a very real and very lethal menace. You have all watched the TV shows and the movies. You’ve also been told many fortunate stories of survival; examples when ocean goers were attacked, but survived the nightmare. You’ll probably never be attacked by a shark. The chances of even seeing a shark, not to mention getting attacked by [...]

Birth Of A Wooden Surfboard

November 26th, 2012

Nice short film about the creation of a wooden surfboard made from reclaimed wood found in Oregon Shwood founder Eric Singer teams up with friends to produce a unique wooden surfboard. Watch how Singer and company process and shape this operational one-of-a-kind surfboard using reclaimed wood found on the Oregon coast. The building process was directed by the expertise of Joe Blecha, a authentic virtuoso [...]

NYC mayor pleads for surfers to stay out of the ocean On Saturday evening, New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg weighed in on the temptation to surf the Hurricane Sandy swell during his national press conference and storm update for the city: “Let me say something again and again and again: please, the beaches are dangerous and surfing is extremely dangerous. No surfing please tomorrow. [...]

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