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This is how you look when you bust your ass surfing Just look at Aritz’s face, you can see the pain in that face? At first glance he looks like he has sh@t himself. Well done for being able to walk (or waddle), Aritz. Hope your ass is back to it’s old tricks soon!

Yes, Yes the rumours are true! TCB Cafe Publishing and TasteTV are proud to announce that the 1st Annual World Surf Dog Championships are being proposed for late summer/early fall 2012. The 1st Annual World Surf Dog Championships will take place in Northern California and bring together the best in local and international dog surfing talent and a percentage of the proceeds will go to [...]

Nemo the surfing turtle

February 27th, 2012

Meet Nemo the surfing turtle The surfing turtle appears on the surfing movie “Sebastian Beach One Fine Day”. Nemo is seven years old and he adores the ocean and loves surfing, he likes trips in his basket on his bicycle and also spends time listening to classical and jazz music. Nemo was discovered in a backyard of a friend only 2 inches long and dying [...]

Bunsen, Harry, Curly & Chopsticks boast to be the world’s humblest surfers, and who’s to debate? The Rodents have been surfing for over 3 years and you will frequently find them carving up the perfect waves that are presented courtesy of affluent folk’s boats in the rivers and estuaries. The Radical Rodents are on the search for sponsors, as they hope to shortly set up [...]

Shark surfing

March 13th, 2011

So is shark surfing truly possible? This guy recons it is… Shark surfing at it’s best!

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