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Archive of every Surf Movie trailer EVER made, they think Some poor person in the New York Surf Film Festival camp has sat down and archived every surf film trailer ever made. I’m not sure it’s the full complete list but there are loads of classics on there, from The Endless Summer to Tarp Pits, The Birth of Tarp Surfing. The list features surfing, body [...]

Tarp Surfing Guide

February 28th, 2012

Your guide to starting Tarp Surfing at home You might have already witnessed the latest trend that’s transfixed the internet, tarp surfing. This modern sport puts participants on a tarpaulin wave, momentarily granting the regretfully landlocked folks to forget their skateboard isn’t a surfboard and ride the green room, or blues in this case. It can be a great deal tougher to do than they [...]

Tarp surfing

March 17th, 2011

A small collection of some tarp surfing videos. The foremost incision of tarp surfing chronicle was about the first tarp surfing clip posted online by the Bradys and Dodge Weirath and the reception it incurred. Although the first ever online tarp surfing video got a lot of traffic, it was not the main factor in producing the present buzz about the game. Tarp surf groms [...]

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