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Reubyn Rips Wadi Wavepool

August 24th, 2012

Britain usually isn’t the place you think of when you think of a country that produces copious amounts of pro surfers, but that’s not to say they don’t exist. Take Reubyn Ash, who rode into the surfing world’s mass awareness awhile ago via the seldom seen frontside rodeo. So, if you were going to take any British surfer to the UAE, putting Reubyn in the [...]

The yet to be unveiled Kelly Slater Wave Pool – ooh looks lovely! Wave pools and Wavegardens – the surfers downfall Wave pools and wavegardens have always had something of an unnatural presence in the surfing world. Footage of these so called perfect waves crop up from time to time and everyone freaks out dreaming of catching wave after wave, tube after tube in perfect [...]

Bristol get artificial wave from Wavegarden UK A new surf spot, or at least some form of it, is due to hit the southwestern coast of the United Kingdom by spring 2013. In Bristol, England, designs are under critique for the installation of the first licensed Wavegarden prototype and public surfing facility. The plans boast some really bold claims: Bristol’s Wavegarden will produce perfect 5-foot [...]

Bristol has been selected as the location for a aimed Wavegarden project, which would cost in the realm of £5m. Opinion is divided on man-made waves, but supporters say that this is closer to the real thing than other man-made options. Wavegarden UK in Bristol will be the 1st inland surfing facility of its kind, open fully to the public. The fresh technology will produce [...]

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