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Peaking With Carlos Burle

July 1st, 2013
I'm sure no one has forgotten that mighty swell that smashed through Teahupoo, Tahiti, this may? How could you. Red Bull follows Brazialian big wave surfer, Carlos Burle, during the swell. Red Bull are at the cutting edge of surf documentaries right now and Peaking With Carlos Burle proves this.
Thinking of going to surf the North Shore of Oahu for the first time? Well we have put together some tips that could save embressment and possible your life. There are many dangers when surfing such a dangerous place, the size of the waves, the reef, the currents and the locals! People don't just turn up and surf Pipe first time, it takes knowledge, ability and respect. Hopefully if you follow these simple pionts you will have a great time and may even get the ride of your life.


April 11th, 2013
Everyone has been the ferociousness of Teahupoo but few have ever experienced if first hand. From the depths come some more great footage of yet another epic Teahupoo session from the final day of the WCT event trials. Bruce and Andy Irons paddle out late in the session and put on, as Lost so aptly describe it, “a performance for the ages.”
Kohl Christensen and Danilo Couto take on North Atlantic storm Jolle in Ireland and it brought them some of the biggest, heaviest surf they'd seen. New spots and massive surf is being discovered in Ireland all the time since the introduction of the ski, opening up Ireland as the UK's answer to The North Shore, providing all big wave surfers an experience they will never forgot - rugged coastline, cold weather, freezing waters and massive waves

Divine Intervention

January 28th, 2013
Could Ireland become known as the cold water Pipeline? Well it would appear so. Cold, bleak but still producing some of the world’s best big waves. Nic Von Rupp swaps his ticket to Hawaii to catch a massive swell along the Irish coast. Ireland has been getting a lot of attention over recent years as the new place for big wave surfing. The surf spots are still relatively quite due to the conditions but that doesn't but of the die hard surfers who brave the cold to ride huge barrels.

Deep Water Ocean Adventures with Kohl Christensen, Episode 4 This episode follows Kohl Christensen, Dan Ross, Aaron Gold, and Ben Wilkinson as they surf Peahi (Jaws) on Oct 12, 2012. Oct 11th and 12th offered conditions for a historic paddle-in surf session at Jaws, with the best big wave paddle in surfers in the world. Other surfers include, Matt Meola, Nakoa Decoite, Greg Long, Shane [...]


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