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All the information you need on Maui

The island of Maui is the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands at 727.2 square miles (1,883 km2) and is the seventeenth biggest island in the U.S.A.. Maui Island makes up part of the state of Hawaii and is the biggest of Maui County's 4 islands, greater than Lana’i, Kaho’olawe, and Moloka’i.

Polynesians, from Tahiti and the Marquesas, were the original peoples to inhabit Maui. The Tahitians brought in the kapu system, a rigid social decree that affected all facets of life and became the center of Hawaiian culture.

According to that fable, Hawai’iloa named the island of Maui after his son, who successively was named for the demigod Maui. The earlier name of Maui was Ihikapalaumaewa. The Island of Maui is also called the "Valley Isle" for the great isthmus betwixt its northwestern and southeastern volcanoes and the several large valleys engraved into both mountains.

Hawaii is the Mecca of surfing, but Maui is home to a few unbelievable waves, and when the correct north swell comes in, can brand Peahi (Jaws) among the heaviest surfable waves in the cosmos. The surf break, a deep water reef break, is called "Jaws" owed to the size and fierceness of the waves. The waves at "Jaws" are reported to achieve peaks of 120 ft (36.6 m) on the face of the wave, moving as fast as 30 mph (48.3 km/h).

The North Shore of Maui is where you will find the heaviest and most consistent waves. Hookipa is a heavy surf spot with 3-4 main breaks. This Maui surf spot is for knowledgeable surfers. The current can be substantial and there are only 2 entrances to the surf. The reef in front of most of the spots is exposed which makes it hard to get to land when the currents are blinding.

Another hot spot to surf is Honolua Bay. This is among the finest waves on the island, only extremely fickle. Generally only breaking a fistful of times in the wintertime, Honolua Bay can provide a really long barrelling right hand wave. Once again, only for advanced surfers, Honolua surf can be dangerous. The Cave is a section of the wave, which is infamous for sucking surfers below and holding them there. Keiki Bowls, on the inside, is super shallow and fast. This is a fun part of the wave, but you do not want to spill here. Just kicking out can leave your knuckles grated whilst paddling. There are heaps of other reef breaks close to the island. The few beach breaks available are generally not very good in equivalence.

Highlights from the Jaws paddle session o 9th & 10th October, 2012 On 9th & 10th October, Jaws (Peahi) was truly awesome for the first real Hawaiian swell of the winter. There was a amazing team of men paddling including Shane Dorian, Ian Walsh, Mark Healey, Albee Layer, Matt Meola, Makua Rothman and many more.


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