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Garrett McNamara

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Was Garrett MacNamara's Nazare beast the 100ft Wave he claims it was? On January 28th 2013 in Nazaré, Portugal Garrett MacNamara DID ride possible the biggest waves ever ridden, but was it 100ft? A lot of people have been talking about the Nazare beast apart from Garrett. In this interview he talks about what actually happened that day, just how big the wave was and who's been making the 100ft claims.

Big wave surfer Garrett McNamara talks about surfing and sex An interview with Garrett reveals his thoughts on catching a big waves or spending quality time with his wife. Not sure his wife is totally happy with his answer! Over the past ten years, Garrett McNamara has been on a mission to catch the biggest, best waves on the planet, and he has succeeded mightily. [...]

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