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John John Florence The biggest Air In Competition

June 18th, 2013

Was John John’s Alley Opp the biggest air ever done in competition?

In the last heat of the day at the 2013 Oakley Pro Bali, John John Florence posted a 9.87 against fellow Hawiian Sea Bass. Sea Bass scored a 9.80 and a 9.57, you’d a thought with scores like that he would have taken the heat, but wait, John John still has a trick or two. He stalls on takeoff and then POW, a completely rotated alley oop. It may be a touch smaller then his beast in the opening sequence of his surf movie DONE but definately a mightly flight nevertheless!

“I was in the air, and then I saw the bottom, everything happened so fast and I just landed perfect,” said John afterwards. “I think I claimed it super hard (he did) but I was super stoked. The ankle brace gives me confidence to do things and it’s actually feeling really good now. I’m so stoked to be back in the water, and surfing out here. The waves are amazing. I was sitting up there earlier watching the air wind, and I was super psyched on trying to do an air. But I had to calm myself down not to go out there and try airs the whole time. Then that one came and had that section on it, and I just went for it…”

Possible the best air in competition? it’s definately going to be one memory that no one will forget from this years Oakley Pro Bali the same as Kelly Slater’s New York and Bells spins.


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