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Laird Hamilton

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Laird Hamilton (born March 2, 1964) is an American big-wave surfer, co-inventor of tow-in surfing, and an infrequent fashion and action-sports model. He is wedded to Gabrielle Reece, a pro volleyball player, idiot box personality, and model. Hamilton and his family carve up their time between abodes in Maui, Hawaii, and Malibu, California.

Laird Hamilton continues to amaze humankind by casting himself in the most excruciating situations conceivable and rising unharmed. In contrast to the progeny of most notable parents who habitually fall short of anticipations, he took over his stepfather's gallant position in surfing history to become the big-wave charger by which all hereafter newcomers will be measured.

It's easy to see how Hamilton came to be the self-satisfied, ambitious, death-taunting waterman he is now. Born in San Francisco but brought up on the North Shore, with the Pipeline beach as his playground, he saw the last of the original big-wave innovators -- Greg Noll, Butch Van Artsdalen and Jose Angel -- and transmitted their bravado and well-rounded accomplishments. Having the fabled Billy Hamilton as his stepfather yielded him a hall pass into surfing's elite. As among the only blondes in his school on Kauai, Hamilton underwent racial discrimination at its worst. He had to be on ceaseless guard as he was a day by day butt for maltreatment. The ocean became even more crucial, allowing equality with its disregard for race.

At last, the battle for acceptance was deserted, and Hamilton exited schooling for California. Not alone were his looks accepted, he employed them to contrive a living from modeling. He came back to his previous playground for a stretch in the late '80s and made a statement with his aggressiveness and tube riding artistry. Formal competition has never concerned him, but in every day duels at Backdoor and Pipe, he tackled all arrivals. Like most things in Hamilton's life, this chase was discarded upon mastery, and he turned his sights to a greater quest.

On the North Shore's outermost reefs, he commenced employing a Jet Ski to tow in to waves that were too big to capture by paddling. Soon he took his mission to a point on Maui called Peahi. Now known as Jaws, the at one time unsurfable reef has been the background for the most progressive big-wave experiment in history. Hamilton and his "Strapped" crew, including Darrick Doerner, Dave Kalama, Pete Cabrinha and Rush Randle, have induced the greatest buzz surfing can recall. They redefined big-wave boards, trounced all over the Unridden Realm and erupted a argument between surfing's purists -- those who believe Jet Skis ought be cast out and those who believe PWCs are the link to a altogether new degree of big-wave surfing. One thing that can't be argued, however, is Hamilton's place amidst surfing's elite.

He's our most established living waterman, equally adept at windsurfing, paddling the English Channel, longboarding or carving laybacks on the world's heaviest waves. His relentless chase to contrive and alternative techniques of waveriding is nonpareil. Laird was shown in footage leaping off a 60-foot drop-off into deep water at seven years old.

The world-renowned surfer, Laird Hamilton, reveals his thoughts on sunscreen, dog whisperers and his most influential teacher Perhaps the best on-screen interview ever given by Laird Hamilton. Laird now joins a list of As It Lays guests that includes Melanie Griffith, Whitney Port, Stephen Dorff, Oliver Stone, Rick Rubin, Marilyn Manson and Molly Ringworld.

Laird Hamilton & Raimana Teahupoo going Right Tow-in surfing & stand up Paddling on the unknown right of famous Teahupoo wave, Tahiti. Every surfer knows the famous left wave of Teahupoo. Laird Hamilton and Raimana are also charging the right of this incredibly fat and perfect wave. Original programming Xtreme Tahiti series: new episodes coming soon with plenty of amazing extreme sports in this beautiful [...]


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