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The watersport ‘surfing’ refers to a person riding a board on the crest of wave as it approaches the shore. Waves or swell are created when wind blows continuously over a long stretch of water, this is often referred to as the fetch. This explains why surf spots with large continuous waves are often located on coastlines that have access to a large ocean fetch with strong offshore winds and low pressure systems. However local conditions also have a huge affect on the type of wave produced, with a gentle offshore wind pushing the front of the wave to produce “barrel” and tube “waves”.

Wave shape, however is determined by the seabed behind the wave and directly below it. Different underwater topography varies greatly between different locations and this is especially true at beach breaks and sand breaks as they can change shape from week to week. Swell varies across the globe throughout the year and during the winter months heavy swells are observed in the mid latitudes, especially on the west coasts that encounter strong westerly winds pushing eastward. However this is interrupted at regular intervals due mid-latitude Cyclones that redirect swells towards the tropics. This being said East coasts can also experience heavy swells in the winter months, this is however only when low pressure cells approach from the sub-tropics.

In the summer months tropical cyclones under the influence of La Nina and El Nino create unpredictable and but heavy swells.

Artificial Reefs: Surf tourism and the growing popularity of surfing has encouraged the construction of artificial reefs and sand bars. However with any surf spot there is always the danger of a “flat spell” thus wave pools were invented to solve that problem. Wave pools do however have their problems and are extremely expensive to run thus only a handful of wave pools across the world have the power to generate ‘surfable’ waves; one such example is miyazaki in Japan.

Surfing has been going on for a long time and its history is rich. Surfers are always trying to evolve the sport taking it from riding wooden blanks to conquering some of the most inhospitable place on the planet.

Surfing is all about travel and exploration and as surfers are usually not the richest people on earth, so with cost on the rise for surf travel what will happen to surf culture as we know it? will surfing become a sport just for the rich? In this story is a breakdown of fees so you don't get any extra charges at the airport. With 11x world champ, Kelly Slater on board, will he be able to use his fame and following to make a change?

Before hitting the waves this summer or winter, take a look at this surf wax infographic from to know exactly what you need to do for perfect upkeep of your board. In the early days, surfers used to paint their boards with varnish and scatter sand across it to ensure they wouldn’t slip. This gritty solution wasn’t great and can be painful, leading to [...]

Dunstan Surfwear Design was founded in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka by the country’s first surfer – Dunstan Wickramasekara – who has been hand-crafting amazing custom-tailored boardshorts from off-cut fabrics for nearly 30 years. Dunstan and his tailoring team have made thousands of custom-designed boardshorts for surfers passing through Hikkaduwa. And, it would be safe to say, that until recently, the secret of the Dunstan surfwear business [...]

Everyone is talking about one guy right now, John John Florence. Kelly Slater describes Florence as possible the best North Shore surfer the world has ever seen, and he is proving that. Directed by Blake Vincent Kueny and John John FREE TO ROAM is filmed on the Gold Coast of Australia and not only features Florence but also skating from Greyson Fletcher & Jack Fardell.
The new surf movie from Hopscotch Films - DRIFT. Set in Margaret River, Australia, a sleepy coastal town with some of the world's most challenging and serious waves. The Kelly brothers, Andy and Jimmy, have one great passion: riding big waves. Staring Sam Worthington as JB a surf photographer and filmmaker. Inspired by the true story of Australia's legendary surfwear moguls, the film chronicles the ascension of surf brands and the expansion of the laid back surf attitude as a global lifestyle.

Kai Lenny & Pato Teixeira invite you to discover the Jet Surf It’s first test in the powerful waves of Hawaii for the new form of surfing, jet surf. Find out about this new water motor sport, featuring one of the most ecological engines in the world that can make it up to 60 kmh thanks to an innovative technology, designed by Formula 1 engineer [...]

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