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Before hitting the waves this summer or winter, take a look at this surf wax infographic from to know exactly what you need to do for perfect upkeep of your board. In the early days, surfers used to paint their boards with varnish and scatter sand across it to ensure they wouldn’t slip. This gritty solution wasn’t great and can be painful, leading to [...]

Dunstan Surfwear Design was founded in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka by the country’s first surfer – Dunstan Wickramasekara – who has been hand-crafting amazing custom-tailored boardshorts from off-cut fabrics for nearly 30 years. Dunstan and his tailoring team have made thousands of custom-designed boardshorts for surfers passing through Hikkaduwa. And, it would be safe to say, that until recently, the secret of the Dunstan surfwear business [...]

Kai Lenny & Pato Teixeira invite you to discover the Jet Surf It’s first test in the powerful waves of Hawaii for the new form of surfing, jet surf. Find out about this new water motor sport, featuring one of the most ecological engines in the world that can make it up to 60 kmh thanks to an innovative technology, designed by Formula 1 engineer [...]

Rocket Powered Surfboards

October 10th, 2012

Surfers want to ride waves, not tire out while paddling to them. That’s where the powered surfboards come in! Surfboards and rockets go hand in hand right? So naturally someone was going to create Rocket Powered Surfboards. That someone was Kari Byron in the season premiere of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel.The show’s squad puts to the test the myth around a rocket powered surfboard. [...]

The Best Surfing Apps

July 24th, 2012

Surfing Apps that should be on your phone Here are some of the best mobile apps that any surfer should have on there phone, not in any particular order! ASPtogo All the ASP World Tour events in one place, handily encompassed in one all-inclusive mobile application. Streaming webcasts, live scoring, heat results, rankings, photos and video highlights for all contests around the world. A blog [...]

Expedition White Shark App

January 18th, 2012

The app will allow you to receive live tracking data for the tagged Great White sharks, at the same time as the research scientists. Positions for the tagged sharks can only be calculated when a shark is swimming at the surface with its dorsal fin out of the water for several minutes, furthermore, one of the ARGOS satellites must be overhead at the very same [...]


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