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3 Top Surf Fitness Tips

January 8th, 2013

Three simple and effective exercises surfers can do to stay in shape Most of the top pros on tour are remaining in prime condition by matching their surfing time with their gym time. It’s hard enough to get a surf in most days let alone gym time too, so here are 3 simple and effective exercises surfers can do to stay in shape, as well [...]

So you dream of riding the waves like a sun-kissed surfer dude, an appealing way of life for sure. But before you run headfirst into a life-threatening 50ft faces, here are a few handy tips for the aspiring surfer ready to make the first steps. The board: To avoid embarrassment and frustration from stage one, you’ll need a board which provides good balance and floatation. [...]

Top 5 Surf Techniques

July 19th, 2012

Smooth Bottom Turn The bottom turn sets up all maneuvers you’ll do when surfing. From lofty airs to deep carves, it all comes from a solid bottom turn, unless you get this right you’ll never be a complete surfer. Ok, so what makes a good bottom turn? In reality it totally depends because it is a setup move, so the bottom turn you pull entering [...]

Ian Walsh on becoming a solid surfer in all conditions To become a solid surfer, you’ve got to be ready to deal with whatever the ocean throws at you. There are very few people more competent to handling every type of condition than big wave surfer Ian Walsh, so SurferMag asked him for advice on how to be versatile in the water. Great surfers are [...]

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