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Established in 2004 by surfing magazine and the surfrider foundation international surfing day is an annual Celebration held on or around the summer solstice (June 20/21), it is an unofficial environmentally conscious holiday that celebrates surfing lifestyle and sustainability of ocean resources. Although it has been criticised for being overly corporate, it is a day when surfers give back to the environment and clean up beaches as well as enjoy BBQs, surf contests and surf movies.

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International Surfing Day 2012 Unless you are among the fortunate/hardworking 1% of surfers who get paid to ride waves, working out excuses/strategies to get out there – given jobs, family, obligations, etc – takes almost as much time as getting to the beach. This isn’t true on June 20th, the 8th annual International Surfing Day. This is a day when you need an excuse NOT [...]

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