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Everyone is talking about one guy right now, John John Florence. Kelly Slater describes Florence as possible the best North Shore surfer the world has ever seen, and he is proving that. Directed by Blake Vincent Kueny and John John FREE TO ROAM is filmed on the Gold Coast of Australia and not only features Florence but also skating from Greyson Fletcher & Jack Fardell.
The new surf movie from Hopscotch Films - DRIFT. Set in Margaret River, Australia, a sleepy coastal town with some of the world's most challenging and serious waves. The Kelly brothers, Andy and Jimmy, have one great passion: riding big waves. Staring Sam Worthington as JB a surf photographer and filmmaker. Inspired by the true story of Australia's legendary surfwear moguls, the film chronicles the ascension of surf brands and the expansion of the laid back surf attitude as a global lifestyle.
There are some great surf movies out there but in my opinion North Shore is one of the best! Not only does it star Matt Adler, who has a very similar hair cut to Luke Skywalker, but also pro surfers Shaun Tomson, Gerry Lopez, Laird Hamilton, Mark Occhilupo, Mark Foo, Derek Ho and Ken Bradshaw. Please now sit back and relaxed and watch the full length surf movie - North Shore.

The 2013 Hot 100 Movie

April 9th, 2013
Watch the best young surfers on the planet in The 2013 Hot 100 Movie brought to you by SURFER Magazine. The 2013 Hot 100 Movie showcases not only the best young surfers but also some of the best locations all over the globe. Some spectacular appearances from the like of John John Florence Kolohe Andino, Malia Manuel and Coco Ho. With these well armed young surfers on tour the like of Slater better watch out!
A documentary about Wayne Lynch, surfing's original man-child messiah. No one had ever surfed like Wayne Lynch before, his futuristic approach laid down the lines that would come to define modern surfing. Growing up in the wild, empty waves of his native Victoria, Wayne Lynch carved his name into surfing's history. Uncharted Waters, a new documentary produced and directed by Craig Griffin, tracing the personal story of one of surf culture's most iconic figures

Deliruim is a 47-minute production from filmmaker Brazilian Pablo Aguiar Featuring Gabriel Medina, Alejo Muniz, Miguel Pupo, Adriano De Souza and more. It's about surf performance, about appreciating more our water, it's about us, human beings and our planet.


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