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Beyond Sight, The Derek Rabelo Story – Trailer

December 19th, 2012

Beyond Sight The Derek Rabelo Story, is a inspirational documentary film by Walking On Water films about Derek Rabelo a blind surfer from brazil who surfs pipeline on the North Shore of Hawaii!

In amongst the regular Triple Crown circus that descends on the North Shore every winter, there’s always a couple interesting side-stories. This year, it’s been blind Brazilian surfer Derek Rabelo.

Rabelo’s been all over the North Shore, from the Rothman compound to the Pipe Masters, chasing his dream of pulling in at the infamous Banzai Pipeline – and he’s attracted the attention of many pros in the process, all of whom want to help.

Makua Rothman took Rabelo under his wing last February.

“It struck me like wow; ‘this guy can’t see but he can surf?’” Makua said. “I ran home and grabbed one of my brand new boards, busted it out and gave it to him. We pushed him on a couple. On one, he was right there in the pocket.”

After a year of training at home in Brazil – and towing into some macking beachbreak with Carlos Burle – and a couple trips to California, working on his documentary Beyond Sight, Rabelo returned to the North Shore this December. The goofyfoot paddled out at Pipe on his second day here with the help of Makua, John John Florence, Kala and more and got a few waves.

“Pipe’s hard enough to surf with eyes,” Rob Machado said.

Rabelo’s father is a surfer and before he was born, he named his son after Pipe legend Derek Ho, hoping he could be a pro surfer. When Derek was born blind, that goal changed, but 20 years later, Derek Rabelo was able to both meet his namesake and fulfill a longtime goal of surfing Pipe.

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